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We believe that there is nothing more important!


Theory Session delivered by R&D Industrial Expert. Hands-on Practical Session aided with Technicians: -2 Car Engines(Petrol+Diesel) -1 Bike Engine(4 Stroke)

Engine theory

Covers all topics on IC Engines right from the basics to the advanced technologies including CRDi, MPFi, GDI, HCCI, Turbochargers, Supercharges and Bike engine technologies

Engine Simulation

Systematically cover IC Engine Architecture, Concepts & Calculations, Design Aspects, Parameters and Simulation methods involved in Design & Development of various IC Engines

Industrial Automation

2-3 days of Intensive Automation Training giving Complete learning experience with Theoretical & Practical Sessions on Industrial Relays, PLCs, HMI, SCADA and their Programming and Application.


Workshop covers basic level in HEV Development process like IC Engine design, HEV Architecture, Electric Motors & Generators, Batteries and their Management Systems, Power Electronics & Control Systems



This beginner level course establishes the concepts and scope of IoT, such as building IoT devices using the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi platforms, as you master how IT works with the cloud.

Engine Overhauling

3 days of Exhaustive practical sessions on engine overhauling of a 2stroke bike engine and other applications of the same.

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