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Comprehensive Automobile Development Internship (CADI)

8 Day Training on Design & Development of Automobile Systems-Engines, Transmission, Chassis, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Electronics & NVH.

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Internship on Automobile and Industrial Design (IAID)

7 Day Skill Intensive Program on Automotive & Product Design Concepts & Processes focusing on Manual & Digital Sketching, Hard Prototyping, Software & Rendering Hands-on.

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Internship on Hybrid Electric Vehicles (IHE)

7 Day End to End Training on HEV Development with focus on-IC Engines, HEV Architecture, Electric Motors & Generators, Batteries, Power Electronics & Control Systems.

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Drone Development Internship (DDI)

7 Day Training Program completely covering Drone Technology with Theoretical, Software & Practical Training on Components,Circuits, Flight Dynamics & Programming.

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Industrial Automation Training Internship (IATI)

7 Day Intensive Automation Training giving Complete learning experience with Theoretical & Practical Sessions on Industrial Relays, PLCs, HMI, SCADA and their Programming and Application.

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Internship on Virtual and Augmented Reality(IVAR)

8 Day Training Program on Unity3D, GoogleVR, UI/UX for virtual Reality. Introduction to Augmented Reality, Google Cardboard. Introduction to various SDK and use of the same. Come Build an app

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Internship on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

7 Day End to End Training Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence: Python, Neural Networks, Pytorch, Live projects.

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